Website Check

Research has shown that a single spelling mistake on a website can reduce sales by 50%.  Poor presentation means potential customers will just click out. 

WordCheck√ will look at your website from the point of view of the customer. You will receive a report which will cover:

  • spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • ease of navigation
  • text content – does it have clarity and impact?
  • layout – is your website good to look at?

    “I was quite stunned when, in less than an hour, a rather lengthy email arrived with a whole host of suggestions for grammar/language improvements, spelling corrections and many ways to generally make the navigation & use of my site a lot better.”

Websites, even professionally designed ones, can often look beautiful - with amazing graphics, video and pictures – but the text content can let the side down.  Or they are just not that easy to navigate through.

  “I was amazed at how many improvements I could possibly make.  I would whole-heartedly recommend using WordCheck to any business that was either in the process of building a site, or already has an existing site and would like to run it to its full potential.”

 James Alexander - The Main Ingredient

A check for a website up to 5 pages could cost as little as £23.  If I can’t come up with any essential improvements I’ll reimburse you in full.

Limited time offer!  Try me – I’ll give you a report on one page of your site for free.  If it’s useful, come back for more!

Email: or phone/text:  07733 227484



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