For writers

Are you a copywriter? Writing blog posts? Journalist on a deadline?

Trying to proofread your own copy is difficult. It’s possible to read through a piece three or four times and still find errors that you didn’t notice earlier. Professional writers know that the ideal process is for one person to write the copy and then to have it proofed by someone else – that ‘fresh pair of eyes’.

WordCheck provides exactly that service 

Send your copy over to me – chances are that I can check it and get it back to you within a few hours, sometimes minutes!  I can work quickly to help you meet your deadline, and ensure that your copy is free from errors.

I offer discounts to regular customers, monthly packages for regular blog posts and I’m happy to discuss your individual requirements.

Email or text/phone on 07733 227484

WordCheck√   - because a spell-check isn’t enough!




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